Sedlitz water

Unique and centuries proven natural laxative and detoxification of the body. Suitable for promoting weight loss and an ideal complement to a healthy lifestyle. A world-famous source of genuine natural bitter salt (magnesium sulphate).

Legendary SEDLITZ water. Since 1717.

This legend of the world’s pharmacy has been popular for three centuries as reliable laxative and body detoxication remedy. SEDLITZ dissolves the contents of the intestines, thanks to its use is without undesirable effects. The European nobility attended “Teplice (Teplitz)” Spa due to the effect of SEDLITZ bitter salt waters in the “cleaning of body and blood”.

Sedlitz was discovered by doctor Friedrich Hoffmann in 1726. Hoffmann found that the SEDLITZ salt is better than Epsom’s salt due to its purity and magnesium sulphate content. We now know that this detoxification effect is attributed to the effects of sulphates. Sedlitz aids the metabolism and excretion of toxins from the body.

SEDLITZ is well tolerated by the most sensitive organism, including children, and can be used on a long-term or basis. For example, in the postoperative states of the intestines, in the long-term stay on the bed and in the case of problems with hemorrhoids.

SEDLITZ is packed in its natural state without any modifications.
Possible sediment is a natural phenomenon.

Usage of SEDLITZ water:

For reliable laxative effect

At a normal dose of about 4 dcl, it acts very gently and reliably. Sedlitz dissolves the contents of the intestines. It therefore acts as a reliable laxative only if the intestines contain unwanted contents.

The bitter taste of SEDLITZ can be completely eliminated by blending with Biliner Naturally Carbonated water. This procedure is widely recommended in the Spa industry.

People without real intestinal complaints will not notice a dramatic, unpleasant effect when they drink SEDLITZ.

Drinking cure SEDLITZ – general instructions


0.1 to 0.4 liters (1/2 to 2 glasses of Sedlitz) in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before bedtime. Bedtime use does not cause undesirable effects because it does not create gasses, and the emptying is only followed the next morning.

Children and the Weak:

Full tablespoon after one to two hours.

SEDLITZ as a natural regulator of digestion

It is particularly suitable for long-term use in chronic bowel obstruction and other digestive problems. At low doses, about 1 dcl before bedtime acts as a natural regulator to create a regular gastrointestinal rhythm, the discharge will occur the following morning.

Sedlitz is widely used to regulate metabolism while maintaining lean lines, for fitness and other sports to accelerate the self-purifying ability of the human body by virtue of the beneficial effects of hatching bitter salt.


Sedlitz mineral water is also used in the treatment of non-specific intestinal inflammations. An irreplaceable role and significance then have in constipation. Magnesium sulphate is also prescribed as a homeostatic drug, a substance that maintains the stability and proper composition of the internal environment.

doc. MUDr. Petr Petr, PhD

MINERÁLNÍ VODY V POHLEDU KLINICKÉHO FARMAKOLOGA, Pracoviště klinické farmakologie, Nemocnice Č. Budějovice a.s.

The most sensitive organism, including babies of infancy, tolerates well Sedlitz water. Indications for the use of this mineral water with a sulphurous-magnesium composition with a weak acid reaction (pH = 6,7, which neutralizes an extremely acidic gastric environment and thus helps the recovery of the ulcer) are even inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, hyperchlorhydria, obesity, chronic constipation , irritable bowel syndrome, systemic atherosclerosis and heart rhythm disorders, liver, gall bladder and pancreas, gout, diabetes, hemorrhoids.

Mgr. Lukáš Dobrovolný

Zeptejte se lékárníka: Zaječická hořká voda, Lékárník Dr. Max

In 100% of seniors with constipation, it is possible to anticipate the difficulty in the administration of the mineral water “Zaječická bitka” and the complete loss of constipation.

Brigita Janečková

OBSTIPACE U SENIORŮ A INTERVENCE ZAJEČICKÁ HOŘKÁ, Ústav fyzioterapie a medicínskýchg oborů ZSF JU České Budějovice

Targeted detoxification of the organism is necessary from the intestines. In the polluted intestine, the strongest toxins are poisoning the whole body. On the walls of the intestine are deposited food remnants that exclude the toxic substances that go through the capillaries into the bloodstream and the liver and they have to clean the blood that is supplied by the metabolites and the rotting substances from the contaminated intestine. Without cleansing the intestines, no detoxification procedures have almost no effect. Proper cleansing of the intestines is an excellent natural remedy for Sedlitz water. Warmly recommend it to all …

Simona Procházková DiS.

bylinkářka ve společnosti Léčíme přírodou s. r. o., Léčíme přírodou s. r. o.

A miracle named SEDLITZ

The depositing subsurface layers in Sedlitz village has amazed for centuries all those who tried to describe the appearance of a bitter salt solution in a place where the bitter salt itself does not exist. The father of modern chemistry, J.J. Berzelius, devoted much effort to the analyzes of Sedlitz water and during these works he discovered several other chemical elements.

  1. Pyrite crystals
  2. Primary layer
  3. Neutralization layer
  4. The layer of bitter salt formation is separated from the bottom permeable rocks by impermeable clay
  5. The system of horizontal cracks leaching into the water collecting well
  6. Water collection into a special perforated closed well
  7. Top of well with equipment
    8. Gravity drain into collection well
    9. Central collection tank